Jennifer was very on top of things, had a good understanding of what kind of property we wanted and showed thorough knowledge of various aspects (architecture, soil, neighborhoods etc. She was very easy to talk to and was always there to give helpful answers and solutions to our questions. We had a good time working with Jennifer and she really made our house-hunt a lot easier.
~ wcheang home
We were extremely confident when we chose Jennifer to list our home.  We needed alot of help with finding  and managing painting, carpet and floor.replacement, and other cosmetic upgrades.  She ROSE to the occasion and never missed a deadline to make sure we got our house on the market by the  agreed date.   She was extremely knowledgeable of the area we live in, had great data that helped to set a reasonable price that would bring the most interest.  We had offers within one week on market and closed within 30 days of acceptance.  Bar none, her understanding and responsiveness to us far exceeded anything we could have asked.
~ aawiley62
Jennifer is very responsive and professional. We are first time home buyer and basically know nothing about purchasing a house. Jennifer guided us through the entire process, she is a very good resource not only for home purchasing, but also for loan choosing and renovation advice. She is also very  thoughtful, the tips for new homeowner are helpful and her closing gift is very cute and sweet.  We are thankful to her and Chris, her associate for the hard work. I would definitely recommend Jennifer to any first time home buyers like us.
~ haaazelnut93
We are a young couple came to the US less than 2 years ago. We had a baby and we needed a home! Before we met Jennifer, we were viewing houses here and there, without a firm idea what types of houses are really suitable for us and how the house actually looks like. We did not know which one of our  friends mentioned Jennifer's name during one of the casual chat. We did not hesitate to reach her after viewing her portfolio that is not only amazing but also matches with our interest so closely. We were not disappointed after our first visit and we never regretted. According to my wife, I have finally made a wise choice after making so many bad ones. We were impressed by how professional Jennifer and Chris were, doing all the homework, responding quickly to our needs and figuring out the good and bad sides of the houses. We will never forget those nights we spent together in the houses and at her Intero office, no matter how busy and tired she could have been, but she is still extremely responsible in going through all details. Of course, the part that shows Jennifer's real capability and advantages is to get us this dream house (with our first and only offer without seller countering back, still how incredible when reflected back today), analyzing the market, advising us on the offer, getting over the contingencies, and sorting our any random issues. What's more, Jennifer also teamed up with Rob to help us better engage with the seller side. I am pretty sure there was much more challenging work behind the scene but she chose not to tell us given that we were already quite anxious. Jennifer, Please accept our most sincere gratitude!
Jennifer's "greatness" did not limit to herself, but also showed up profoundly with the great loan team she introduced. They also did a fantastic job to get the loan approved in time despite our weak credit background. Jennifer's help did not stop after we got the house. During and after our moving-in, she has shared some much useful information for us to get started as a house owner (you cannot imagine how much more you need to know!!!). Knowing that the stove and range are old in the house, she bought new ones and had it installed for us right away. She has a very strong network of contractors that can do really nice work! Just two days ago, there was water leaking in the house, which made me very nervous and guess what, Jennifer was the first person in my mind to contact. Even though she was in the emergency room, she was still very patiently to calm me down and instructed me to turn off the water switch, contact the home warranty company and even introduced the plumbing contractor to fix it in the following day. 
There are just endless examples that I can mention and I mention these from the bottom of our heart. Without a doubt, Jennifer is that kind of realtor that you can truly count upon. She cares as much as you do. Highly recommended for any buyers, especially new buyers!
~ JHE007
We were very lucky to have such a wonderful realtor. She is very nice and supportive throughout the whole buying process. She patiently took us to different properties and she is very considerate that she even worked around our schedule. She gave us a great insight. She also made sure that our  tours were fun and thorough. We are very thankful to her and to Chris for their hard work and dedication.
~ honeybee122908
Jennifer is a 12 out of 10! She has been not just a realtor, but good friend and mentor along the way. She teaches her client how to spot the true values in a house. She's also very professional, responsive with emails/calls/msg(which is very comforting especially when you are stressed out), very  knowledgeable(also important cuz that helps my decisions). I didn't make any decision for probably the first 30+ houses and Jennifer has never pushed me once. Definitely the best realtor you will ever meet.
~ nicohz55
it's been so lucky to have such a wonderful agency. she explain every document and process very clearly and patient. follow up each step with great responsibility. professional, kind and very thoughtful.
~ dongmei gong
Jennifer has definitely exceeded all my expectations as a real estate agent in all aspects, she went above & beyond anyone's imagination throughout the whole process of buying a house from start to finish & beyond, I've already recommended Jennifer to all of my of friends that are planning to  purchase homes in the near future.
~ zshorab
Jennifer is very warm-hearted, professional and patient. She asked our needs in detail. She took us to different properties for more than half a year. We changed our needs (location, property type) for several times, but Jennifer was patient and responsive. When she found a good house, she never  rushed us to make a decision. Finally, she found us a house that we really like. More importantly, after the purchase, she is always willing to offer us help and suggestions when we have any problem.
~ Caihua Ni
Jennifer helped us bought a lovely home. She was able to give me useful suggestions and home buying tips, find homes on/off the market that meets my expectations.
~ Dong Li

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